The service and hospitality industry is an exciting field which offers great opportunities at competitive salaries, and provides graduates the chance to hone their passion and pursue their goals of becoming a great chef, manager, or hotel admin. The Culinary Arts and Hotel Management program offered at SBCC is diverse, touching on many different aspects of the service industry, of all different sizes. Accruing skills like these can help people find careers not only locally, but gain the skills necessary to relocate practically anywhere else in the world. Kenny Slaught points out that the program, “can prepare students to start their own businesses and fulfill their dream of becoming a business owner and working for themselves.”

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Santa Barbara entrepreneur and property investor Kenny Slaught has recently reviewed on his blog at several great career opportunities and training programs offered by Santa Barbara City College. These are especially designed for those not pursuing college credits but instead interested in learning something new. The community of Santa Barbara is a space known for providing its citizens with many prospects in career advancement as well as professional training in skills that are relevant in the real world. Slaught, Having mentioned before the many ways the community comes together and pushes forward programs that benefit all of those who call Santa Barbara, home, discussed the many options available to those interested, including Computer Network Engineering, Culinary Arts and Hotel Management, Environmental Horticulture, Graphic Design, among others.

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With only a few years in the market, crowdfunding portals have already rapidly grown over 150 startups throughout the nation, specializing in real estate. Nearly 7% of the U.S population qualifies as an accredited investor. In highly urban areas like Southern California, this number reaches 20%. Software applications such as CrowdEngine, RealtyShares, CrowdForce, amongst others, have made it possible to raise money from the general public legally, with some borrowers attracting 90% of equity requirement through direct contributions from the community. Data analytics applications like Rentlytics, on the other hand, provide owners greater transparency into their portfolio’s performance and make management a breeze. With a diverse background in developing state-of-the-art properties for the past 35 years, Kenny Slaught is convinced that California remains one of the most active states in the real estate market right now. Using cutting-edge software applications to raise capital, borrowers and sponsors have generated more than $53 million through 90 residential, multifamily, and commercial properties in Sacramento, San Francisco, and the Bay Area.

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As technological development revolutionizes America’s real estate industry, the property management sector has become more efficient and profitable. New platforms offer numerous online collaborations and –more importantly –workflow automation are gaining popularity, largely due to their ability to provide prompt access to accurate and consolidated data and information flow. President and founder of Santa Barbara-based Investec Real Estate Companies Kenny Slaught offers insight into how California developers can best apply innovative models and cyber operations in their business strategies.

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Kenny Slaught, long time real estate investor, discusses how some of the most famous Santa Barbara architecture features include: the centuries old Hotel Virginia, El Pueblo Viejo district and the two pink towers of the Old Mission. The brightly colored tiles of the County Courthouse showcases brilliant displays of murals and other striking features. The ornate clock tower with an observation deck is nearby, providing a panoramic view of the entire city. The Lobero theatre not only houses the region’s premier performing arts events, but also dates back to 1873 and was rebuilt in the 1920’s by George Washington Smith. These are just a few examples of the rich history found in Santa Barbara.

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Santa Barbara a scenic, coastal town, is widely recognized as a world famous tourist destination. It is located just north of Los Angeles and it is full of beautiful buildings with a rich architectural history. From Spanish inspired homes to intricately adorned archways and structures, the city was created with the intention of an appealing design that would restrict uncontrolled growth. As a passionate Santa Barbara real estate developer, Kenny Slaught, provides insight into how the architectural integrity was maintained throughout the years. He explains that maintaining the natural charm of this region was intentional and as early as 1925, city planners enacted development controls to prevent waning of Spanish Colonial architecture. Controls were put in place and guidelines were designed to preserve unique structures and community areas. In 1960, Santa Barbara even established laws to protect historic landmarks found around the city.

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