Hospice of Santa Barbara offers counseling sessions to terminally ill patients and their children, as they recover from a death in the family. The initiatives address children as 20 percent of them deal with the death of a close relative, while one in 20 loses a parent before becoming an adult. In order to find useful coping tools and avoid issues like depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder, Hospice of Santa Barbara provides counseling programs at no cost.

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CEO of Investec Real Estate Companies Kenny Slaught, managed his company through the many market changes over the years. As a Southern California resident and with an experience of over 3 decades, he shares insights into the different aspects of the state’s real estate industry. He goes on to detail the ability to acknowledge the factors that influence California’s property market.

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Architect George Washington Smith created the  Spanish Colonial Revival style almost 100 years ago. Smith left Harvard and became a successful bond trader, after which he shifted to Santa Barbara to retire. However, the community loved the house he created, which prompted him to design more for the city. He only used genuine materials from Spain and integrated the old with the new. Currently, he is seen as a Santa Barbara founding father. Numerous new artists were inspired by him, and Kenny Slaught respects the detail-oriented eye that Smith had when creating those amazing pieces.

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Hospice of Santa Barbara offers its counseling services to terminally ill patients and their relatives. Numerous initiatives focus on kids who just lost someone close to them. Around 20 percent of kids caretakers die before turning 18, while one in 20 experience the death of a parent.  Hospice of Santa Barbara offers those who struggle free counseling initiatives to deal with grief and minimize the risks of depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

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Chronically ill patients and their close one are offered help at The Hospice of Santa Barbara. Its counseling programs mostly address kids, as one in 20 experiences a relative dying before they become an adult. Also, 20 percent of children lose a parent before they turn 18. The therapy sessions help children process their feelings in order to live an emotionally healthy life.
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The free programs at Hospice of Santa Barbara help terminally ill patients and their families cope, especially children. According to Kenny Slaught, 20 percent of children’s parents die before they turn 18, with one in 20 experiencing a loss before adulthood. The Hospice of Santa Barbara’s counseling sessions help people avoid depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

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Santa Barbara a scenic, coastal town, is widely recognized as a world famous tourist destination. It is located just north of Los Angeles and it is full of beautiful buildings with a rich architectural history. From Spanish inspired homes to intricately adorned archways and structures, the city was created with the intention of an appealing design that would restrict uncontrolled growth. As a passionate Santa Barbara real estate developer, Kenny Slaught, provides insight into how the architectural integrity was maintained throughout the years. He explains that maintaining the natural charm of this region was intentional and as early as 1925, city planners enacted development controls to prevent waning of Spanish Colonial architecture. Controls were put in place and guidelines were designed to preserve unique structures and community areas. In 1960, Santa Barbara even established laws to protect historic landmarks found around the city.


Santa Barbara attracts a great number of tourists every year because of its charming weather, astounding landscapes and mostly for its rich architectural legacy. Santa Barbara’s constriction designs do share the similarity of the normal American architecture because its origins came up from the Spanish constructions during the colonization period. As a result of the city’s untouched architecture shown by the touch of ancient days, historic preservation was considered a mandatory element in the city planning process. Santa Barbara was one of the major communities in the United States that advanced the development of historical architectural patterns and trends. Famous property developer and successful businessman, Kenny Slaught has provided deep insights on the history of Santa Barbara’s architecture by drawing upon the timeline of events that took place in the area. On his blog at KennySlaughtNews.com, the industry executive has shared a short chronology of milestones to address the interest of readers to know more about the backgrounds of local architecture.   

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Along Arizona and Nevada’s border sits the Hoover Dam, an immaculate project designed to give water and hydroelectric energy to a large part of that region. Taking advantage of the immense power generated by the Colorado River, California-based entrepreneur and thoughtful philanthropist Kenny Slaught acknowledges the impact of the miraculous architectural structure on the communities’ supply of water and power resources. Slaught has recently went on about Hoover Dam on his blog at KennySlaught.com, stressing that the massive water payload of the dam pushed forward some of America’s most deserted outposts into fast growing economies. 

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Kenny Slaught, property expert, sponsors the initiatives at Hospice of Santa Barbara. The programs concentrate on providing self care tools to those who were struck by tragedy. Slaught supports Santa Barbara’s Anticipatory Grief Services project, and talks about how important social support is for people who struggled. Recently, he discussed the initiatives on his blog at KennySlaught.com.

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