Companies offering numerous online collaborations and, according to Kenny Slaught, more workflow automation are rising quickly, largely because of their ability to provide prompt access to accurate and concise data and information. New intuitive software and mobile apps, Slaught says, gives investors and builders a greater selection of lending and borrowing opportunities across a variety of real estate asset classes and locations. After only a few years in the market, crowdfunding portals have rapidly funded over 150 startups in the US, in the real estate sector. Today, nearly 7% of the U.S population is an accredited investor, and in a densely populated setting like Southern California, that number reaches 20%. Software platforms, such as CrowdEngine, RealtyShares, CrowdForce, among others, make it plausible to legally raise money from the general public, with some going as far as attracting 90% of equity needs through these community contributions.

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