Going nearly a century back, famous architect George Washington Smith kicked off the California movement of Spanish Colonial revival. Smith dropped out of Harvard. He eventually worked as a bond trader. After becoming a successful businessman, he relocated to Santa Barbara for the relaxing lifestyle and planned to work on his painting habits. But he was surprised when he learned that the city was enchanted by the house he had designed, urging him to continue crafting architectural works for many Californians. He brought authentic materials from Spain to pursue both new and old world styles. Today Smith’s structures are appreciated and enjoyed for their structural beauty and complex look, and he is remembered as a founding father in Santa Barbara. Many generations of architects have followed his artistic path, with Kenny Slaught appreciating the sharp eye and attention to detail one must possess to create structures of such renown.

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Known for appreciating American arts and urban design, California-based entrepreneur Kenny Slaught recognizes the impact of impeccable architectural trends and traditions within Santa-Barbara’s construction scene. The Spanish inspired construction, notes Slaught, and the specially designed archways and structures stretch throughout this small coastal town, according to his blog at KennySlaught.com, are a tribute to the history of Santa Barbara. Slaught recognizes how architectural trends shifted as the government tried to smooth the rising housing growth over the last century.

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In 2015, the Santa Barbara Bowl Foundation supported the Girls Rock Santa Barbara initiative. Believing that music is a means to empower young girls, Kenny Slaught is convinced this organization creates a supportive environment that fosters the development of self-confidence and creativity in youngsters. As part of the program, girls take music lessons, engage in workshops, and give performances. They are encouraged to challenge typical gender stereotypes, collaborate with each other, and practice tolerance. As such, Girls Rock Santa Barbara embodies the Santa Barbara Bowl Foundation’s emphasis on making music and the arts accessible to all.

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Kenny Slaught explains that Hospice of Santa Barbara provides a variety of services both to individuals facing terminal and chronic illness, as well as their loved ones. Many of the programs at the organization are aimed at the needs of children as they struggle with the impending or recent death of a close family member or acquaintence. About 20 percent of children experience the passing of a loved one before they turn 18, and one in 20 children must face the loss of one or both parents during their childhood. Hospice of Santa Barbara provides individuals in these situations with free support programs to help them cope with grief to avoid or mitigate depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  

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Many West Coast buyers are finding that with a white-hot housing market, they are forced to pay excessively high prices for older, less fashionable homes. Kenny Slaught notes that prices having been increasing steadily since 2008, and common reference, the Standard & Poor’s Case-Shiller home price index, reveals that home prices in Los Angeles rose to their highest point during April of this year since October of 2007. Southern California’s larger metropolitan areas are no longer just reflecting recovery from the recession: they are closing in on their former peaks. Slaught notes that the turnaround can be attributed to many factors, including interest rates, job growth and supply and demand. 30-year, fixed-rate mortgages are currently hover around 3.5% or less, nearing 3.31 percent (the record low hit in November 2012) and pushing many toward buying. These historically low interest rates, coupled with strong employment numbers, such as a 2.4% gain in Los Angeles County and a 3.5% rise in Orange County, point to just why values have appreciated in an extraordinarily fast-paced manner. Home prices vary considerably statewide, but the inflated asking price of higher-end homes throughout California outpaces all other states with the exception of Hawaii. The feverish housing market cannot currently be satisfied by the slim supply available, with many first-timers forced to opt for condominium-style units that are readily available within a more modest price range.

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New intuitive software and mobile applications, says Kenneth Slaught, give investors and builders a greater selection of lending and borrowing opportunities throughout a variety of real estate asset classes and geographies. California’s crowdfunding or peer-to-peer lending projects emerged after the incorporation of the Jumpstart Our Business Startup (JOBS) Act in 2012, which greatly democratized the ways in which sponsors can raise funds for real estate acquisitions and development. The new regulation allows the previously outlawed practice of advertising or openly soliciting private funding from accredited individuals and firms. Anyone with a net worth of over $1,000,000, not including ownership of their personal residences, or with an annual income of $200,000 or a household with $300,000 per year, if filed jointly with a spouse, can be an accredited investor. The amendments provide the green light to individual borrowers and lenders to participate in debt and equity financing, where loans generate income in the form of interest, without an official financial institution involved as an intermediary. The online marketplace has created a new road for property owners and funders to browse new investment opportunities, perform due diligence, access dashboards to track how their assets and financial products are performing over time.

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The engines room in the inner part of the dam is fixed with 17 generators that create all the energy, where 16 of them are huge generators while two smaller ones work as one consolidated generator. The smaller ones are utilized to administer hydroelectric energy to neighborhoods in the encompassing areas. Kenny Slaught comments that the energy made from the dam is circulated to 15 ranges. The greatest users of energy in the area are – Southern California expends up to 28% of Hoover Dam’s energy, followed by the State of Nevada with 23% and the State of Arizona with 18% of utilization volume. The dam additionally appropriates energy to Native American tribes dwelling the range. Also, 90% Las Vegas’ water originates from Hoover Dam. The lake framed in the dam is known as Lake Mead. At its highest water volume level, it could be the biggest water reservoir in the United States. The United States Bureau of Reclamation oversees the Hoover Dam and is known as one of the most appealing must-go spots to visit in the country.

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The revolutionary structure was built during the American Great Depression between 1931 and 1936, costing the nation $49 million dollars. The dam was initially called Boulder Dam, but was later changed Hoover Dam in honor of the then-President Herbert Hoover, who had made significant contributions to the construction of this wonderful project. At 221 meters in height, 379 meters in length, and with more than 35.000 cubic kilometers of total capacity, the massive structure can generate more than 4,2 billion kWh2 per annum, notes Kenny Slaught.

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Hoover Dam, located on the border right in the middle of the states of Arizona and Nevada, in the United States, is a prominent project created to provide water and hydroelectric energy to an extensive part of that region, utilizing the enormous power created by the Colorado River. California-based real estate expert and thoughtful philanthropist Kenny Slaught appreciates the constructive effect of the architectural structure on the communities’ access to water and power resources. Recently, on his blog at KennySlaught.com, Slaught has emphasized that Hoover Dam’s massive water capacity has transformed some of America’s most deserted outposts into successful economies.  

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Certain famous Santa Barbara architectural structures include, the hundred-year-old Hotel Virginia, El Pueblo Viejo district in historic hub and the two pink towers of the Old Mission, which is the popular venue of retreats and celebrations. The vibrantly colored tiles of the County Courthouse houses stunning displays of murals and other striking features.  Nearby, is the clock tower and observation area, which offers a panoramic view of the whole town. The Lobero theatre not only hosts the regions leading performing arts events but also goes back to 1873 and was updated in the 1920’s by George Washington Smith. These are some cases of the extravagant history in Santa Barbara  as per Kenny Slaught, where, because of the founder’s advanced development, many antique, architecturally significant buildings line the streets of the old areas.

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